Why Wisdom Rules The World

Issue No. 2 - Cover.png
Issue No. 2 - Cover.png

Why Wisdom Rules The World


Explore the deep impact of personal choices and how they shape our lives.

Your mindset and worldview will always dominate your decision-making process, priorities and long-term planning. Why Wisdom Rules the World explores various facets of life in which making wise choices can change the direction of a person’s life in a positive way.

The book takes into account both internal and external factors and the impacts they have on the average person. The book also explores cultural and systemic norms that often serve the best interest of society at the expense of individual people.

The facets of life explored in the book are presented as decisions many people are forced to make in their lives. These decisions are then explored, analyzed and questioned to give the reader a broader perspective on the possible long-term outcomes.

Topics covered in the book include:

  •  How ego factors into life choices

  • The psychology of emotional choices

  • Systemic and cultural influences that limit people

  • The impacts of media and politics on culture

  • What the education system won’t teach

  • Risk assessment

  • Setting financial and personal priorities  

  • The impact of mental and physical health

  • How wisdom can lead to happiness  

Why Wisdom Rules the World is written to be an engaging, hard hitting read that’s free of fluff and unnecessary complexity. The book is easy to grasp, easy to understand and highly insightful.

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