Financial Freedom For The Lazy

Issue No.1 - Cover.png
Issue No.1 - Cover.png

Financial Freedom For The Lazy


Gain unique insight on the simplicity of achieving financial freedom in today’s economy.

Financial Freedom for the Lazy cuts right to the point with informative and deep insights on the tactics for building financial independence as well as the necessary psychology required.

The book takes into account the fact that our actions are based on our thoughts and beliefs. Financial Freedom for the Lazy provides insight to the entrepreneurial world view required to maximize efficiency and properly utilize time in your best interest.

This book provides the full package of effective practical advice along with the wisdom of WHY the tactics discussed are actually effective in the first place. The book is designed to help readers walk away prepared to get started on their goals immediately with confidence.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • The most lucrative passive income streams and how to create them

  • Money and Investing psychology

  • How to take advantage of any economic climate

  • Historic examples

  • Pros and cons of different income streams

  • Wise investing strategies

Financial Freedom for the Lazy is written to be a fast, engaging, hard hitting read that’s free of fluff and unnecessary complexity. The book is easy to grasp, easy to understand and highly insightful.


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