Your place for the unconventional wisdom that should be conventional. Deep ideas, practical knowledge, philosophy and unique perspectives. Ideas often not explored in school or mass media. Information to get you thinking and motivate positive decision making.

I have always had a fascination with how the world works and how people work. Through my life experiences, observations, travels and studies I realized the value that wisdom holds.

As a small child you have no wisdom at all. You rely on parents or guardians to protect you from a world you cannot navigate yourself. All the while being mostly oblivious to the many dangers around you. A child might touch a filthy shoe on the sidewalk and immediately touch their face for instance. Later, the child might get sick and suffer the consequences of this lack of wisdom.

Children become more self-reliant with age due to more knowledge and life experience. They learn not to touch dirty shoes on the sidewalk and suck their thumb right after. A child that never learns lessons like this is likely to suffer much more in life.

Adults are no different. In the rapidly changing information age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between good information and bad information. Traditional institutions like politics, religion and mass media once worked as reliable guardians for adults. However, these institutions are quickly losing trust and credibility in modern times.

With widely accepted truths becoming harder to identify; it is up to the individual to gain the wisdom needed to thrive in their own life. The goal of The FOResight SEEn is to inspire more critical thinking and help individuals sort through all the noise. I believe a wiser world is a better world. The more you understand yourself, the people around you and the world as a whole, the easier it becomes to identify what really matters to you on your unique journey through life.

I hope the content on this site helps you live a life of increased clarity and purpose. Prepare to open your eyes, open your ears and open your mind. A wiser world is a better world

- Hugo

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash .